Product Integrity

Our Ammolite gemstones are highly respected from the day we unearth them from their ancient resting place. We believe in only enhancing the true inner beauty of our Natural Ammolite gemstones by utilizing production methods that won’t change the original gemstone patterns found at our mine site. Red Dragon Ammolite Canada creates stunning gemstones using Freeform Natural Ammolite.


Red Dragon Ammolite Canada believes in the affordability of our product. Affordability is an integral part of our companies Mission Statement.

Customer Service

Red Dragon Ammolite Canada strives for a high level of customer service satisfaction. We believe our customers become part of the journey that introduces Freeform Natural Ammolite to the world and we are proud to take you along with us.


Red Dragon Ammolite Canada uses the finest quality Gold and Silver to compliment our Natural Ammolite Gemstone Products found at our mine.

Environment and Reclamation

Red Dragon Ammolite Canada is committed to only the finest reclamation and environmental standards. Our low impact mining operations are specialized to minimize environmental impact and effect. Red Dragon Ammolite Canada takes serious pride in restoring the balance of what nature intended.


Red Dragon Ammolite Canada adheres to all Provincial/Federal laws, rules and regulations. We are licenced, permitted and can legally export Ammonite Fossils. Red Dragon Ammolite Canada’s owners have been the Ammolite gemstone industry for over 30 years.


Red Dragon Ammolite Canada believes in creating an educative experience for our customers by celebrating Ammonites as only we could. Our company is enthusiastic and dedicated to create the ancient picture showing the greatness of Placinterceras Intercalare and Placinteceras Meeki.

Shareholder Value

Red Dragon Ammolite Canada has committed to building a solid foundation to invest upon. Our gemstone industry experience, product diversity, manufacturing technology and operating infrastructure allows for the creation of successful, continuous investments.


Our exquisite and sophisticated product line will enhance any experience and with bespoke detailing and customization we are sure to match any style.