Our Company History

Red Dragon Ammolite Canada Ltd. was founded in 2016 by Richard Morgan, Cory Morgan and Jason Berkholtz. Red Dragon Ammolite Canada’s owner’s all agreed to bring affordable and elegant designs to the market by tapping into our company’s vast Ammolite supply at the Red Dragon Ammonite Mine. We believe Ammolite should be natural from the raw to jewelry stages. The foundation of our company is built on the respect and admiration for the rarest gemstone in the world. We wanted everyone to be able to own an individual and ancient piece of history!

Richard Morgan

Richard Morgan is an Industry Veteran and has worked with Ammonite for over 30 years. Richard owns The Ammonite Factory in Canmore Alberta, Canada. The Factory is both an Interpretive Center and Fine Jewelry Establishment. Richard has conducted many digs at Ammonite Mine Sites over the years and is incredibly excited about the Historic Red Dragon Ammolite Mine.

Cory Morgan

Cory Morgan has worked with Richard for well over 20 years in the Ammonite Industry. Cory has a keen eye for spotting Ammonite and is an experienced Ammonite Mine Forman. Cory is very talented in fossil repair and jewelry production.

Jason Berkholtz

Jason Berkholtz is an Entrepreneur, Artist and an Archeological enthusiast. Jason has been certified to appraise Ammolite by a member of the Gemology Institute of America (G.I.A.) Jason has almost completed the journey to become a certified Feng Shui Practitioner. Jason has been a Reiki Master since 2004. Jason has had the privilege of having Richard and Cory as his mentors allowing him to excel at creating exquisite Ammolite Jewelry. Jason conducted the 2016 Season at the Red Dragon Ammolite Mine and found a massive 73.66 cm Ammonite Fossil!