Red Dragon Ammolite Canada Exchange Policy

Red Dragon Ammolite Canada offers an Exchange Only policy (excluding shipping) within the first 15 days of your purchase from our company website or retailers. Additionally, you are required to have the original proof of purchase receipt along with your product. Some Restrictions apply. We encourage you to email to REGISTER your exchange/repair with us!

Our Exchange policy does not apply to our Ancient Art pieces found on our company website or at retailers.

Chinese Characters bails category

Red Dragon Ammolite Canada has the greatest intentions to provide you with a great customer experience and exquisitely crafted Ammolite Jewelry. While the occasional mistake can happen, we stand behind our product and your experience! Upon receiving your exchange/repair we will pursue the best way to correct any issue! We will gladly pay the return shipping charges to ensure a seamless customer experience!

All Exchanges will be processed and shipped in accordance to the order received.