History of Ammolite

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Ammonite and Ammolite

Ammonite’s were an abundant and successful species of Cephalopod that absolutely dominated the Ancient Oceans between 65 to 400 million years ago. Ammonites had World Wide distribution and major influence on our Culture that can be seen today!

“A wise investment as the world’s Ammolite Supply could be exhausted within 5 to 8 years”

Ammolite is one of the rarest organic gemstone’s in the world. Ammolite is harvested from the shell of the Ammonite. Ammolite can show the most brilliant and beautiful colors and has been called “The Canadian Treasure.” The most valuable Ammolite is found within the Bearpaw Formation in Southern Alberta, Canada.

Ammolite has many mineral components such as Silica, Titanium, Copper, Calcite and Aragonite. Aragonite is a absolutely fascinating mineral and is responsible for the amazing colors and “light play,” seen in jewelry and gemstone quality Ammolite.

World Wide Ammolite supply is dwindling and is estimated to only have about 5-8 years left. Ammolite in fossil form or gemstone is considered a wise investment.

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