History of Ammonite

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The History of Ammonite

These evolutionary successful Cephalopod’s once lived in an inland subtropical seaway, called “The Western Interior Seaway.” The seaway was used by Tens of Millions of Ammonites to swim from the Artic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. These ancient creatures were essentially trapped in the seaway as the Alberta Bearpaw formation was created and the waters receded. The Formation experienced tectonic plate movement coupled with volcanic ash and millions of years of density pressure. These elements combined with a unique soil chemical composition to convert the Ammonite shell into “Aragonite.” These Ammonites produced a jewelry quality gemstone found only in the Southern Alberta Bearpaw formation.

Ammonites became extinct well over 65 million years ago during the Cretaceous-Paleogene event.

Ammolite became recognized by the World Jewellery Confederation in 1981 and is the newest organic gemstone in the world. In 1989, significant commercial advancements were industry tested making Ammolite durable and thus being suitable for the Gem and Jewelry markets. In perspective, only 50% of Ammolite found in the AB Bearpaw formation would be jewelry quality and of that……. 1-10% incredible quality.

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